Miss Rihanna

Say what you want, but I recon Rihanna is a cool lady, and her video rocks my world.

Hunter S.Thompson

Just finished this book the other day stealing my man's birthday gift for a 
couple of days..very sneaky. It made me want to get on a little, Caribbean 
Island and drink myself senseless with rum forever..and not feel bad about it.
 Full of crazy people, a worry less approach to life - and of course, the rum, ahh
the rum. Written by the same man behind 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', 
so you know you're in for a wild ride. Reminded me a lot about the cult classic 
from Jack Kerouac, 'On the road' which makes sense as they were both members 
of the beat generation. Man,  I'd love to be living the lives of their characters..

Bill Cunningham

Found this article Mr. Cunningham wrote about himself, reminiscing the past. Very interesting if you
like to imagine how things may have been in New York City fifty or more years ago. I sure do, and
wished it would and could have been like that to this very day. Ah!

New arrivals in today's postbox!

Oh joy oh joy! I decided to burn a few bucks on some fine books a couple of weeks ago, 
and shazaam.. today they arrived! Two of the books are a pure investment in my creative
input for grey and sad days in shitty Eindhoven - meaning I have to import the colours 
from the outside in order to have any ideas at all for graduation. Yes, it is sad. But hey, 
that's why books are just oh so lovely. The third book is an investment in my to be career 
as an amateur pastry chef..I just had a look through it and I have to admit this is no Jamie 
Oliver, folks! So now I have a lovely sunday mornings challenge that will be very 
rewarding for me and my friend's bellies and souls. Not too bad that either.

the Berlin days

Back from one lovely week with my man in Berlin. Now awaits three weeks of full on work..forward jah!

The unexplainble cool

Not sure what to make out of Rachel de Joode's work, but it is totally weird and pretty cool.
It without doubt makes me wiggle my nose and go 'say whaaat?'.
 Check it out.